About the Motor City Month

Our goal is to officially recognize the month of August as the “Motor City Month”

Motor City Month .com  will be the main platform in advertising to people from out of state to come visit metro Detroit. MotorCityMonth.com will also connect people and charity with all of our automobile events and car shows.

We welcome you to be a part of Motor City Month in Metro Detroit, and we invite you to take part in our 1000’s of car shows and automobile events happening in the month of August such as          “The Woodward Dream Cruise”

“The Gratiot Cruise”

“The Michigan Gumball Rally”

“The Woodward Cruise Festival”


Metro Detroit is not really known for tourism, but we have a lot of great things to celebrate! Motor City Month is a great way to showcase Metro Detroit, and all of Michigan. It is our time to shine, and show the whole country what Michigan has to offer. It is also a good way to bring money to the Metro Detroit economy. The Woodward Cruise alone brings in over 56 Million dollars for the Metro Detroit economy.

Motor City Month will link together Michigan events, and Michigan charities.      Advertising / costs for the events  is paid for by sponsors.  Sponsors of Motor City Month not only get great advertising but also benefit by helping charities such as the Pink Ribbon Warriors, and Homes for Heroes.

We will have a flagship sponsor as well as sponsors for individual events

If you would like to sponsor an event please see our “sponsors / vendors” page

We’re doing this to promoting Detroit tourism, while enjoying our love for automobiles and helping charities at the same time. If you would like to be a part of Motor City Month feel free to email us at MotorCityMonth@gmail.com

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